TURN (The Universal Reporting Network) goes live with Fidelity International to Launch Industry-Wide Blockchain Solution for Asset Management

London, Tuesday 25th June 2024 – TURN (The Universal Reporting Network) is thrilled to announce that we are now live with Fidelity International, marking the official launch of TURN’s blockchain-based data management and compliance platform for the asset management industry.

TURN’s innovative platform leverages advanced blockchain technology to ensure unparalleled data integrity, security, and transparency. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way asset managers handle data, fostering a more efficient and compliant industry.

Gary Bond, CEO of TURN, expressed his excitement about the collaboration:

“We are delighted to partner with Fidelity International, a leader in the asset management industry, to bring TURN’s innovative solutions to market. This partnership underscores our commitment to enhancing data management and compliance through cutting-edge technology. Together, we aim to set new standards for the industry.”

Fidelity International also shared their enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating:

“We have now signed the Participant Agreement for TURN and really look forward to helping build this much needed, industry-wide, blockchain solution for the asset management industry. TURN’s platform ensures data integrity and compliance through blockchain technology.”

About TURN

TURN is not just another platform; it’s a paradigm shift. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it encapsulates the challenges and aspirations of the modern asset management industry. TURN is a comprehensive data management platform aiming to harmonise, simplify, and enhance the way data is accessed, shared, and utilised in the asset management world.

About Fidelity International

Fidelity International offers world-class investment solutions and retirement expertise. As a privately held, purpose-driven company with a heritage of stability and long-term focus, Fidelity provides comprehensive investment solutions and client services to institutions and individuals.

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Eduard Lucian Comaromi
Head of Marketing TURN

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