Pioneering a New Era in Asset Management

Asset Management

TURN: Pioneering a New Era in Asset Management

In the fast-paced sector of asset management, efficiency isn’t just desirable—it’s essential. However, the reality for many professionals is a workflow mired in outdated and sluggish practices. TURN enters the scene as a revolutionary and intuitive platform, set to transform the day-to-day for asset managers.

TURN: Pioneering Change in Fund Data Management: 

At TURN, we’re at the forefront of reshaping fund data management. Our mission is to elevate the standards of data quality, enhance transparency, and expedite the flow of information across the entire fund data spectrum. We believe in simplicity and efficacy, transforming intricate processes into streamlined operations for asset managers.

The Rising Support for TURN Within the Industry:

 A recent strategic gathering with industry heavyweights like MFEX, Baillie Gifford Managed Fund, Fidelity, Transact, MAN, MFS, Margetts, and FNZ has shown a resounding vote of confidence in TURN. This endorsement is a testament to our dedication to crafting innovative solutions that are firmly grounded in the real-world needs of the industry.

Seamless Integration with Your Systems:TURN is designed to meld with your existing infrastructure effortlessly. Concentrating on the consolidation and circulation of standardized Fund Data templates (including EMT, EET, EPT, TPT, etc.), we ensure an integration that is as smooth as it is unobtrusive, maintaining the integrity of your current operations.

What Makes TURN Stand Out:

  1. Innovation Through DLT: Leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology, TURN is not just robust in operation but also agile, ready to embrace the future of blockchain advancements like fund tokenization and settlements.
  2. Forged from Industry Insight: TURN isn’t a pre-packaged answer looking for a question. It’s a response to genuine industry challenges, crafted with direct input from those we serve, making our solutions authentically useful and pertinent.
  3. Transparent and Collaborative Pricing: TURN’s pricing structure is as unique as our platform, set through a collective dialogue with our users, ensuring equitable access and mutual benefit for all our partners.

TURN isn’t merely a platform; it’s a catalyst for change, ushering in a more intelligent, effective approach to asset management. We extend an invitation for you to join this transformative venture. Together, let’s shape the future of asset management.

As TURN redefines the landscape with cutting-edge technology and a vision for a more transparent future, we cordially invite you to become part of this transformative journey. Join us in our quest to streamline asset management, making it smarter, faster, and more reliable for everyone involved.

Are you ready to lead the charge in innovation and excellence? Connect with TURN today, and let’s pave the way towards a future where asset management is not just a process, but a strategic advantage.