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What are the key benefits TURN can bring for member organisations.

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At TURN, we specialise in revolutionising the way manufacturers, distributors, and vendors across the UK, Europe, and Switzerland navigate the complexities of the business landscape. Our services are designed to streamline operations, reduce regulatory costs and risks, and ultimately enhance service quality to investors.

Key Benefits of Joining TURN:

  1. Reduced Regulatory Costs and Risks:

    • Comprehensive Compliance Solutions: Stay ahead of the curve with our expert regulatory guidance and compliance tools.
    • Risk Management Expertise: Leverage our experience to minimize regulatory risks, ensuring smooth and secure business operations.
  2. Enhanced Service to Investors:

    • Investor-Centric Approach: Our strategies are designed to improve your services, increasing investor satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Innovative Tools: Utilize our state-of-the-art technology to offer investors transparent and efficient services.
  3. Pan-European Coverage:

    • Local Insights, Global Reach: Benefit from our deep understanding of local markets across the UK, Europe, and Switzerland, paired with a global perspective.
    • Cross-Border Expertise: Navigate the complexities of operating in multiple countries with ease and confidence.
  4. Customized Solutions for Diverse Sectors:

    • Tailored Strategies: Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or vendor, we offer customized solutions to meet your unique business needs.
    • Sector-Specific Expertise: Our team brings in-depth knowledge of various industries, adding value to your specific sector.
  5. Commitment to Innovation:

    • Cutting-Edge Technology: Stay competitive with our advanced technological solutions designed for modern business challenges.
    • Continuous Improvement: We’re committed to constant innovation, ensuring our partners are always at the forefront of industry trends.

Joining TURN is easy

Join TURN Today:

Embrace the future of business operations with TURN. Our commitment to reducing regulatory costs and risks, enhancing service to investors, and providing tailored, innovative solutions makes us an ideal partner for your growth and success in the UK, Europe, and Switzerland.

To apply please complete the below Order Form, this form provides all the relevant company information on which to generate your contract. On completion of the form your authorised signatory(s) will receive the Participation Agreement via eSignature to be signed at Organisational level. 

1. Company Information

TURN will administer your portal access at group level through your designated key contact. All subsidiary LEI registrations are managed by yourself as part of initial onboarding within the portal.

2. Membership Type

There are three different membership types in TURN, if your organisation operates across multiple roles then a separate form will need to be completed for each membership type.

Manufacturer: This is for Asset Owners and Asset Managers who produce data to upload to TURN.

Distributors: Firms that require the ability to consume the data from TURN.

Data Vendors: Third party providers who act on behalf of the Manufacturers to provide the data to TURN.

TURN supports the administration of third-party onboarding to the portal, if your data vendor has not been onboarded, we will notify you as soon as we receive this form to initiate the process. Third-party access is restricted, and full details will be provided as part of the set up. The organisation named in this application is solely responsible for any work carried out by such third-party contractor.

3. Key Contact

The primary contact will be the main person for all notices and other formal communications under this agreement and will be responsible for the administration of the members portal access (including without limitation the providing, updating, and removing of authorised user access, including 3rd party delegation if required to the portal during the term). At point of creation the primary has the ability to delegate the administration role but will remain the primary relationship manager for TURN.

Secondary Contact

4. Invoice Information

Invoices are sent by email as standard, if a printed invoice is required, please note the address and your requirements in the additional information section.

5. Declaration

Before we can process your company registration the TURN Participation Agreement must be signed. Your signatory must be duly authorised for and on behalf of the organisation named in this application.

We only require one signed TURN application to cover all underlying sub legal entities. TURN will email the agreement to the signatory email below through our electronic platform Yoti. This declaration must be signed for your application to complete, once we receive the signed agreement, we will be in touch with your primary contact to initiate onboarding to the TURN platform .

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At TURN, we understand that navigating the details of membership – such as fees, group classifications, and the variety of membership types – can be complex. That’s why we’re here to help you understand every aspect to ensure you find the perfect fit for your organisation.

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