Navigating the New Frontiers: Blockchain Auditing and the Evolving Financial

Navigating the New Frontiers: Blockchain Auditing and the Evolving Financial

As the digital landscape transforms with the relentless pace of technological innovation, blockchain auditing emerges as a critical focal point. This shift prompts a fundamental revaluation of how technology and security intertwine across industries. The recent discussions in Digital Bites illuminate the burgeoning realm of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT), their implications on the […]

TURN and the Blockchain Boom: Navigating the New Era of Financial Data Management

As the world braces for the blockchain revolution, TURN (The Universal Reporting Network) stands at the vanguard, embracing the disruptive power of this technology to reshape financial data management. The recent article from Digital Bytes illuminates how blockchain is redefining identities, assets, and even traditional financial instruments like ETFs. Here’s how TURN is harmonising with […]

What is TURN (The Universal Reporting Network)?

TURN (The Universal Reporting Network) is a European Regulatory and Operational data Blockchain. It was established by TISA (The Investing and Saving Alliance, a UK industry body, representing, with over 270 members, retail savings and wealth businesses, predominantly in the UK) in 2020. TURN is designed by the industry, with the industry, for the industry. […]

Pioneering a New Era in Asset Management

Asset Management

TURN: Pioneering a New Era in Asset Management In the fast-paced sector of asset management, efficiency isn’t just desirable—it’s essential. However, the reality for many professionals is a workflow mired in outdated and sluggish practices. TURN enters the scene as a revolutionary and intuitive platform, set to transform the day-to-day for asset managers. TURN: Pioneering […]

Precision in Numbers: Elevating Asset Management with TURN’s Data Accuracy

In the high-stakes world of asset management, data isn’t just numbers on a screen—it’s the compass that guides decision-making, the foundation upon which strategies are builtand the currency that can either build fortunes or diminish them. As such, the accuracy of this data isn’t just a requirement; it’s the cornerstone of trust, efficiencyand success in […]

Streamlining Success: How TURN is Revolutionising Data Management for Distributors

Data Distributors

In the financial services industry, distributors are the vital link connecting asset managers to the marketplace. Their role demands not only a deep understanding of the products they offer but also the agility to respond to a rapidly changing market environment. This is where accurate, reliable, and timely data becomes a lifeline. TURN (The Universal […]