About TURN

TURN, a pioneering platform that is set to revolutionise data management within the fund industry.

TURN represents a major milestone in our mission to empower Asset Managers, Distributors, and the broader financial sector by providing a unified, transparent, and efficient solution for data-related challenges.


Our Mission: Empowering Industry Excellence


At TURN, our mission is clear: to empower excellence within the financial industry through innovative data management solutions. We believe that data is the lifeblood of the modern financial world, and it should be harnessed to its full potential.

Built by the industry, for the industry.

TURN is not just a platform; it’s a collaborative force. It has been meticulously crafted by industry experts, for industry professionals. We understand the unique challenges faced by Asset Managers and Distributors, and we have designed TURN to meet those challenges head-on.

Key Principles of TURN:

  1. Transparency Through Blockchain: TURN utilises innovative blockchain technology to provide transparency, trust, and an unquestionable audit trail. With TURN, you always know who has what data and when it was accessed.
  2. Cost-Effective Excellence: We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in today’s financial landscape. TURN offers budget-friendly solutions without compromising quality or security.
  3. Quick to Market: With TURN, there’s no need to build a new function from scratch. We offer seamless data integration, reducing onboarding time from months to days.
  4. Community Collaboration: TURN is more than a platform; it’s a community. We encourage industry participants to actively shape our platform’s development.

Future Initiatives:

As we embark on this transformative journey, TURN has exciting plans for the future. We’re working on the introduction of Fund Standing Data, Fund Dynamic Data, Solvency 2 (TPT) support, and more. These initiatives will further enhance the capabilities of TURN and continue to address the evolving needs of the industry.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Finance

We invite Asset Managers, Distributors, and financial professionals to join us in shaping the future of finance. Together, we can turn the page on outdated data practices and embrace a future where data empowers our industry to thrive.

The TURN Team

With a dedicated team of network professionals and years of industry experience within the our fields


Meet our founders and senior team members.

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Bond

Gary Bond, with three decades in financial services, has carved a niche as a strategic visionary. As TURN’s CEO, Gary’s leadership prowess is exemplified by orchestrating key mergers such as the Prudential/M&G Acquisition and the Cofunds & L&G Merger. From re-platforming Fidelity Funds Network to helming his own consulting venture, Gary blends strategic mastery with financial acumen, making him an industry stalwart.

Head of Proposition

Jeffrey Mushens

With 40+ years in the City and a marked tenure at M&G, Jeffrey Mushens has continually innovated – from launching M&G’s Direct to Customer business to spearheading TISA projects. As a chartered accountant, thought leader, and pioneer, Jeffrey’s legacy in the financial realm remains unassailable.

Business Development Director

Jon Richmond

Jon Richmond, a Coventry University graduate, brings a diversified 20-year journey in Financial Services to TURN. From brokering at ABG Sundal Collier to leading business development at industry behemoths like FundAssist, Jon’s knack for fostering business relationships stands unparalleled.

EU Business Development Director

Manuel Ritter

With 15 years of prowess, Manuel Ritter is a nexus of financial market intelligence and software expertise. Previous stints at Acuris and ION Analytics, coupled with his master’s from the University of Rostock, make Manuel a central figure in European business development.

Executive Assistant

Anisha Padam

In the high-paced corporate arena, Anisha Padam shines as an Executive Assistant par excellence. Known for her impeccable board logistics, intricate diary management, and adept travel planning, Anisha remains the backbone of executive efficiency.

Head of Operations & IT

Danielle Barrass

Steering TISA Operations, Danielle Barrass embodies operational excellence. From spearheading Operating Model Processes for TURN to championing novel tech solutions, Danielle’s wide spectrum of leadership truly redefines operational agility.

Head of Risk and Audit

Lisa Laybourn

With a rich 25-year tapestry in financial services, Lisa Laybourn is TURN’s bulwark against risk. As the Risk Director for TISA Group, Lisa’s specialization in risk, CASS, and client protection showcases her unwavering commitment to client asset safety.

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Appelton

Alex Appleton joins TURN as the new Chief Financial Officer, bringing a wealth of expertise and strategic vision to our financial team. With an impressive tenure as CFO and Board member at Argo Blockchain Plc, Alex has demonstrated unparalleled financial acumen, successfully navigating the company through dual listings on the LSE and NASDAQ. His leadership was instrumental in raising over $190 million in equity and $140 million in debt, showcasing his ability to drive significant capital growth and financial stability.

In September 2021, Alex played a pivotal role in the successful NASDAQ listing of Argo, overseeing all financial elements of this major milestone. His deep experience in corporate finance is marked by a keen focus on financial due diligence, ensuring that every financial move is strategic and well-informed.

Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit and financial expertise were also evident in 2016 when he led a private company through a management buyout from a listed UK entity, further showcasing his capability to navigate complex financial landscapes and create value for stakeholders.

A Registered Chartered Accountant, Alex’s career spans over two decades and includes a comprehensive background in accounting, audit, and corporate finance across both practice and industry. His arrival at TURN marks an exciting new chapter for our company as we continue to innovate and lead in the financial sector. Alex’s strategic vision, coupled with his extensive experience, positions TURN for continued growth and financial excellence.

Head of Marketing

Eduard Comaromi

Eduard Comaromi stands out as a dynamic Head of Marketing with a distinguished history of crafting innovative marketing strategies and campaigns across the EMEA region and various sectors. His expertise is not just limited to leading a team but also extends to seamlessly collaborating across diverse business units and synergizing with sales teams to propel sustainable growth. Remarkably, Eduard’s versatility is showcased by his experience in nurturing an organisation right from its inception to its listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). His leadership not only champions creativity but also aligns it with the strategic milestones essential for an organisation’s evolution.

“TURN has been created by the Industry – for the Industry.

We have listened to our customers and are working towards establishing the golden source of truth, when it comes to operational and regulatory data, in order to maximise efficiency and reduce costs for all parties involved.

TURN is not born from legacy, so has a head start in utilising DLT technology, where appropriate and gives an unquestionable audit trail across the industry participants.

Sorting the long-standing issues pertaining to data will benefit the industry and the end consumers and that’s what excites me the most.”

Gary Bond, CEO

TURN Culture

The Culture of TURN: Empowering Through Innovation



At TURN, our culture is an amalgamation of innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Born from the heart of the financial industry, our ethos reflects a deep understanding of its intricacies and challenges.


  1. Innovate and Elevate: We firmly believe that stagnation is the antithesis of growth. At TURN, every challenge is seen as an opportunity for innovation, pushing boundaries and continuously evolving to cater to the dynamic needs of the industry.
  2. Collaboration is Key: TURN is not just a product; it’s a collective vision. We thrive on the diverse insights and experiences of our team, partners, and stakeholders. This collaborative spirit drives us, fostering an environment where ideas are shared freely, and every voice is valued.
  3. Excellence in Execution: Passion and precision underpin everything we do. From the macro strategy to the micro task, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We set the bar high, then strive to exceed it, ensuring that TURN remains at the forefront of industry solutions.
  4. Transparency and Trust: Rooted in the financial sector, we recognize the significance of trust. By fostering transparency in our operations and communications, we build trust not only within our team but with every entity and individual associated with TURN.
  5. Lifelong Learning: The financial landscape is ever-evolving, and so are we. Continuous learning and adaptability are ingrained in our culture. We invest in the growth and development of our team, ensuring they remain updated, empowered, and primed to lead.
  6. Community Building: Beyond our immediate team, we focus on building a community. TURN actively encourages feedback, involvement, and co-creation, ensuring that our platform and initiatives resonate deeply with the needs of our users.

Conclusion: The culture at TURN is more than a set of values on paper; it’s a lived experience. It’s the heartbeat that drives our decisions, shapes our interactions, and defines our identity. As we strive to revolutionize the financial data landscape, our culture remains our compass, guiding us towards a future replete with promise, potential, and transformative impact.